Something new

3PM came to Richard Nelson of Abyss in late 2012 with a unique and interesting set of needs.  This startup project management firm (highlighted as “one to watch” in Building magazine) was in need of a comprehensive business development and marketing plan to help them focus their effort in their first few years of business.

Although the remit did not strictly fit with Abyss' mission of helping firms expand internationally, the majority of 3PM’s business is in London, which is one of the most global markets there is, thus Abyss could add significant value to 3PM's efforts. 

Abyss helped 3PM develop a strategic BD Plan that sets out their aims and has allowed them to focus their branding, reinforce their strategy, justify their plans to their investors and secure their continued support to facilitate the growth of their business.  Their brand position, developed by Abyss and around which was formed a core strategy, will be critical in establishing 3PM's unique place in the London/UK project management market.

Keeping It Fresh
3PM approached Richard again in mid-2014 to develop an update to their BD Plan, taking into account the growth and achievements of the firm since it was founded.

Moving into their third year of practice, 3PM had achieved many of the goals and objectives set out in the original BD Plan prepared with Abyss' input, including growth in revenues and staff numbers, as well as securing several key new clients in targeted market sectors.

The latest iteration of the BD plan is focused continuing to develop 3PM's brand strategy and identity as the firm becomes a known player in the market, while also ensuring a sustainable pipeline of new business and a diversifying client base.

Going Independent
A further Business Development Plan Update was commissioned in late 2015 to coincide with advising the firm's partners on their management buyout.

3PM was a member of a larger consulting group when it launched in 2012,  however the growth the firm had achieved during its first several years was enough to determine that the timing was right to break out on their own.

We evolved the business development strategy with this in mind. The plan retains its focus on core sectors and services in which the firm excels, while recommending a slight organisational restructuring to strengthen its management, a broadening of marketing and communications activity to expand their profile in the marketplace, and implementation of a strategic business development programme to continue growing revenues and profitability.

Visit to learn more about them, or contact us if you would like to discuss 3PM further.

Impressive start:  Among 3PM’s list of inaugural clients is the Rugby Football Union, for whom they are managing a major programme of refurbishment and upgrade works at Twickenham Stadium.

The Wellcome Trust is a major client of 3PM, recognising their specialist skills in science and technology sector projects. The Kitchen Garden Enclosure project on Wellcome's Genome Campus, is reminiscent of the famous glass ceiling in the British Museum and will include a new exhibition centre, modern meeting rooms and a bar for conference delegates, students and staff.

Very impressed with [Richard’s] approach, style and credentials ….and would recommend him.
— Rob Burborough, Partner, 3PM