Scanning the horizon

ResoLex is a specialist consultancy in risk monitoring and dispute prevention that is recognised both nationally and internationally for its innovation. They use the addition of third party neutrals in projects and commercial relationships to identify areas of risk or potential dispute which are often impossible to spot from inside the working team.

ResoLex's ground breaking RADAR (ResoLex: Avoiding Dispute, Avoiding Risk) service provides neutral risk monitoring and "horizon scanning" on projects and creates collaborative working environments. It operates on behalf of the team as a whole and provides an entirely confidential early warning system that can identify emerging risks and conflicts so that they can be addressed before they turn into costly delays, claims or disputes. ResoLex's unique approach reduces the risk of serious problems developing in the teams delivering projects or contracts.

Richard Nelson of Abyss has been representing ResoLex since 2013 to help identify and secure new clients and major projects for their RADAR service, both in the UK and internationally.

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The RADAR report's "super chart" highlights key areas of project risk. The chart tells teams in a snapshot whether the risks are high or low at any point in time, and more importantly whether they are getting better or getting worse. This early warning enables teams to address risks before they turn into costly delays, claims or disputes. There is no other service like RADAR on the market today. (Click image to enlarge.)